Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Move

Many people move because they have outgrown their current living environment. If you just had twins or triplets this blog won't be for you because you probably really do need more space. However if you have just accumulated so much stuff that you can't move in your home there is another answer and it'll save you money and may actually make you some.
First of all look at everything in your possession. Ask the following questions about each item:
  • Is this something I still need, use, wear etc.? If no, put it in a pile to donate or possibly sell
  • If it is something you still need, want etc. is it stored in an appropriate place? If no, put in a pile to 'put away'
Now look around your home and determine if you have space that isn't working very well. Do you have large openings under your clothes above your shoes? Is there space under your stairs or elsewhere that has been drywalled in but is available if you could just get to it? Is there wasted space in your home?

If you have space in your closets there are wonderful organizers available through Container Store and now the hardware stores as well. These work once you truly decide what you want to have in your closet and you'll find that you will be better at putting things away once they have a designated home.

If your home doesn't work very well, it is MUCH less expensive to hire a contractor and move some walls, open up some areas, add closets than a move will cost you. The cost of a move is enormous. If you own your home you'll have the costs associated with selling it, the actual move and all the headaches associated. Most of us think that hiring a contractor to work on the house is expensive but I have found that hiring a contractor to remove walls, add cabinets, closets and the like is actually quite affordable. Before you do anything get an expert to look at your ideas to make sure you are not taking out a load bearing wall or doing something that would damage your home. Structural engineers are available to come to your home as are architects, space planners, interior designers and contractors. Most will come for one visit at no cost to meet you and find out what you are planning. Structural engineers can be hired for an hour or two depending on the scope of your ideas and are well worth the cost for your peace of mind. I've used Angie's List successfully to find excellent resources. You'll be so happy if you can have the items you want and be able to find them when you need them.
Happy organizing.

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